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Binocular Stereo Microscope - LTSM-4F

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Binocular Stereo Microscope - LTSM-4F

Labtiger manufactures Binocular stereo microscope-LTSM-4F, is equipped with the plane base with the incident fluorescent illuminator. The instrument is prepared with two optical systems that offer an erect image of the specimen that can be reviewed easily in three multiple dimensions. These binocular stereo microscopes LTSM-4F is widely used in numerous applications like tool industry, watch industry, education, medical science, dissection of organisms, research, inspection, electronics and quality control. Magnifications up to 80X are provided with the microscope device that ensures that additional eyepieces lenses can be used with the instrument.


The testing machine “Binocular Stereo Microscope LTSM-4F” has a binocular head which is inclined at an angle of 45o. This head can be rotated up to 360o with an adjustable interpupillary distance. The device also offers Rack and Pinion focusing mechanism with adjustable tension collar. The lenses with standard magnification 20X and 40X or 10X and 30X are offered with the instrument. Two set of optional lenses with the magnifications 2X and 4X are provided with the devices that can be selected by rotating nosepiece through 90o. Standard lenses with extra wide field 10X are equipped with the devices.
  • The Binocular Stereo Microscope LTSM-4F is ergonomically designed to provide best and high-quality results.

  • The instrument works on the Rack and Pinion focusing mechanism with adjustable tension collar.

  • The instrument fitted with the plane base without any illumination.

  • The binocular head of the device is inclined at an angle of 45o that can be rotated through 360o with an adjustable interpupillary distance.

  • The focus on the objective can be done by Rack and Pinion mechanism with adjustable tension collar.

  • The instrument offers the standard magnification of 20X and 40X or 10X or 30X.

  • Standard lens with extra-wide field 10X is provided with the devices.

  • 2 set of optional lenses with the magnifications 2X and 4X that can be selected by rotating the nosepiece through 90o.

Optional Accessories

  • LTZM-5-High Intensity Fluorescent Ring Illuminator with circular fluorescent tube and power supply.

  • LTZM-6-Space circular fluorescent tube High-intensity circular tube for the illuminator.

  • LTZM-7-Spare Lamp: 20Watts halogen lamp for the incident illuminator.

  • LTZM-8-Eyepiece with reticules: Micrometer disc, cross line, graph, and eccentric circles, etc.

  • LTFI-1-Fiber Optic illuminator: a Single light guide.

  • LTZM-1-Spare Eyepiece: WF10X-15X-20X

  • LTZM-2-Auxiliary Objective: 0.5X & 2X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes

  • LTZM-3-Dark Field Attachment: consisting of the special system and movable Gem clamp.

  • LTZM-4 -Universal Stand: for convenient examination of large parts or specimen.

  • LTZM-9-Polarizing Attachment for examination of the geological specimen under polarized light.

  • LTZM– 10-Gliding Stage: For quick scanning of the specimen in x-y direction.

  • LTSI-7-Incident Halogen Illuminator: Spotlight halogen illumination for Stereo Microscopes.

  • LTSI-8-Dark Field Attachment for Embryology: consists of dark field system and an adapter for petri-dishes.

  • LTFI-2-Fiber Optic Illuminator: a Double light guide.

  • LTFI-3-Fiber Optic Illuminator: Ring light guide.

Customer Reviews

Best prices for high-quality product ! Review by Manish
I am using the Binocular Stereo Microscope - LTSM-4F from last one week and it is an amazing product. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and colleagues. The instrument provides crystal clear images of even small particles. It is the best product to get accurate results. The objectives and wide field eyepiece lens offers clear images of the specimens. Best prices for high-quality product. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Binocular Stereo Microscope - LTSM-4F