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Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope - LTSMr-8

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Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope - LTSMr-8

Labtiger is well-known for offering world class options of the optical system at very reasonable and leading prices which imply better cost to performance ratio. To fulfill the requirement of large number of customers, our dedicated team of professionals in Research and development department has introduced a wide assortment of advanced stereo zoom microscopes namely, LTSMr-6, LTSMr-8 and LTSMr-10.


The Advance Stereo Zoom Microscope LTSM-8 offers supreme quality and high performance optical systems along with the ergonomic designs that helps the operators a level of comfort to operate the system with minimum fatigue during the hours of observation. Moreover, flexible pattern facilities are provided that helps the users to upgrade the working of their devices by adding various accessories.
  • Offers highly reliable test results.

  • Low-Position focus knob,

  • Offer quick and effortless focusing which eliminates the requirement to twist your shoulders while working on the samples.

  • It offers the operators a comfort level to operate the system and minimum fatigue during long hours of observation.

  • The instrument LTSM r-8 offers parallel optic zoom system.

  • The device is equipped with lens of 4X- 378X magnification

  • The objective tubes that are provided with the device are:

  • LTSAPO 0.5- Plan APO 0.5.

  • LTSAPO 1.0- Plan APO 1.0 x.

  • LTSP 1.5 - Plan 1.5x.

  • LTSP 2.0- Plan 2.0x.

  • This also helps to reduce eyestrain.

  • The intermediate modules of the devices like teaching head, Co-axial illuminator, drawing tube and many more.

  • High-eyepoint eyepieces along with inbuilt diopter adjuster that bring forward the reticle and image into focus that makes it easier to view images.

  • Low-Position focus knob, for quick and effortless focusing which eliminates the requirement to twist your shoulders while working on the samples

  • Standard Binocular and low-level Binocularare provided with the device

  • Eye Piece Inclination-

  • LTSBI- 20o Standard Binocular and low-level binocular

  • LTSBT- 0o- 30o Tilting Binocular.

  • Inter-Pupillary Distance- 48- 75mm (1.9”- 3.0”)

  • A range of eyepiece lens with diopter adjustment:

WF10X (F.N. 22), WF10X (F.N. 24), WF15X (F.N. 16), WF20X (F.N. 12.5), WF30X (F.N. 7.0)

  • Zoom Range - 0.8X- 6.4X.

  • Zoom ratio- 1:8.

  • The instrument is equipped with coaxial coarse and fine focusing stand, plan focusing stand, and gemological stand.

  • Illumination Systems- Epi-illumination, Incident & Transmitted LED, Intensity/Brightness control, Co-axial Illuminator 12v- 100W, Halogen circular fluorescent illuminator.

  • The device is delivered with some additional accessories like dark field attachment, camera system, articulated stand, analysis software, etc.

  • Cameras are provided with attachments like Single Camera Tube and Double Camera Tube.

Customer Reviews

Best machine for microscopic tests Review by Sukla Das
This is always acceptable to get the world class product from Labtiger at very reasonable price. This is the versatile testing machine and I want to thank Labtiger on behalf of my research and development team because it is really a helpful product for us. The advanced stereo zoom provides the great visibility of the tiny samples. Moreover, I feel less tiredness and fatigue when I work. I have used the various accessories provided with this advanced stereo zoom microscope that are helpful to improve the operation of devices. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope - LTSMr-8