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About Us

The world is craving for quality products today. Be it a manufacturing company or a consumer, everyone needs best quality products and material. If you are a manufacturer of a consumer product, you need to understand that quality of your products is a vital factor in your branding. For building trust in your customer base, it is your basic need to utilize the best and most accurate Quality testing instruments so that only the best products reach your customers.

The first step towards attaining best quality of your products is to find a competent and efficient supplier of effective testing instruments. That’s where we come in to the scene. We are LABTIGER, a premium Supplier of highly precise and accurate testing instruments and laboratory equipments. With a vision of making the world a better place to be, our sales staff and customer support team are dedicated to provide our customers an extensive range of quality testing instruments that are used by industries to enhance their product quality and satisfy the never ending expectations of their customers.

Material Testing equipments

Good quality starts with good materials. It is inevitable to ensure that the best quality of materials is used for manufacturing. This assures that best quality of products are produced and provided to the customers. There is an extensive range of Material testing instruments that LABTIGER has to offer so that you could make your product quality unmatched and unbeatable.

Product Testing

No matter how strictly you follow the rules and procedures, there is always a possibility of human error or quality defects in the end products. This makes it essential to check the end product once they come out from the production line.  LABTIGER offers testing instruments that provide exact and consistent test results that help in maintain zero defects in the products you have to offer to your customers.

Time is money for us and we know that the same is true for you. With our express delivery services worldwide, you will never have to wait for your products to arrive at your doorsteps. The competition is fierce in today’s markets and no company would like increase its manufacturing costs or product cost in any way. LABTIGER offers you best quality testing instruments on highly competitive prices all over the world.

Your dedication and our machines can surely make this world a place with better quality.